Walkthrough: Sonny 2, Zone 1 (Biological/Heroic)

I am playing Biological on Heroic mode. For general tips on strategy and character setup, see here.

The skill distribution I used: Start with Vicious Strike, Break (2x), Integrity (2x), then Disrupt (2x), Adrenaline and Reform (2x).

  1. Prison Guard:
    Hit him with Destroy, replenish Focus with Leading Strike, then Destroy again. Repeat until dead.
  2. 2x Prison Guard:
    Repeat the above, but also use Break whenever possible to disrupt their attacks. If your health runs low, put Veradux to Defensive mode to get some healing.
  3. Brutal Convict, Agile Convict:
    Not too difficult either.
  4. Brutal Convict, Agile Convict, Cunning Convict:
    Same as above. Just make sure to watch your health and switch Veradux to Defensive when in danger.
  5. Doctor Leath, 2x Prison Guard:
    Watch out for the doctors ability to transform the Prison Guards. Best to take him out before he is able to do that. Otherwise it is quit doable.
  6. Twisted Experiment:
    The first difficult fight if you're playing on Heroic, because you have not enough punch yet to kill him quickly and he has some powerful attacks. You need to equip Disrupt two times and make sure to always have enough focus to cast Disrupt once or twice, because you will have to dispel its nasty Shadow spells frequently.
  7. The Warden:
    The Warden is much easier to kill if the Predator form is available, which requires the character to have at least level 6.
    On Heroic, though, only Level 5 abilities are available, so I usually counter his attacks with Adrenaline cast on Veradux and Reform when necessary. Make sure to have Reform and Adrenaline equipped twice.
    After a couple of hits, when his health is somewhat down, he will cast the Death Sentence spell on Veradux or you. I have found no countermeasure for this so far, and usually you can finish him off with one character, too. I found it useful to attack him with a combination of Break, Destroy, Leading Strike.
  8. Doctor Hedger, Frankie:
    Overall, a pretty simple fight, even on Heroic. The doctor is not really dangerous, but casts some supporting spells on Frankie. Best to finish off the doctor first and then focus on Frankie with the good old combo Break - Destroy - Leading Strike. Put Veradux to Defensive if necessary.
  9. ZPCI Elite:
    Watch out for his "Aim For The Heart" buff. It deals massive damage - always dispel immediately with Disrupt. Another effect you don't want him to get through with is "Auxiliary Power" which regenerates his health and focus.
    If you manage to dispel these two buffs immediately, the fight is rather harmless. Again, it helps to have Break and Disrupt at level 2 and Disrupt equipped two times.
  10. Felicity:
    She is pretty tricky. Very annoying is her "Black Metal" spell that practically blocks healing. Buffs which you immediately need to dispel on her are "Blade Dance" and her healing spell. Keep hitting at her with Break, Destroy and Leading Strike. Also help Veradux with Adrenaline and Reform if needed.
    If you hold out for a while she will say "Don't start what you can't finish" and switch to a mode where she deals more and receives less damage, but at least wont't cast Black Metal or Blade Shield any more. If you have made it that far, you have practically won. Keep hitting at her and put Veradux to healing mode if you run low on health. And disrupt her Shadow Blend spell in case she uses it, because otherwise she can kill you right away.
    The fight will end if her health is very low.
End of Zone 1; Zone 2 walkthrough is here!


  1. wow...this was really helpful!! thank you!!

  2. Your tactic on Felicity is wonderfull. Veradux died and I had to almost solo it! Only possible because of your tactics! Great!

  3. i cannot beat the twisted experiment, even with your strategy, as veradux does not heal enough advance and the poison dot's deal massive dmg and always fail to be dispelled (40% resist being dispelled seems to count as 100). also, the experiment constantly shdowblends and immedeatly (skips my turn) withdrawals and murders one of my team. an advice?